As you enter the room, you hear the words "Stop at once!". You see someone being trapped in a yellow tank, which is being thrown around by orcs. "Save me" said the voice.

  • Save him.
    • Kill all the Monsters in the room...
      • If you kill them all he gives you information
        • Reset? -> A bunch of stuff about the dungeon
          • "Do I need to remove my head like you?"
            • How did you lose your head? -> You get "Clues about the dungeon resetting".
            • (INT 5+) The status between life and death should refer to the relation between body and soul, right? -> You get "Clues about the dungeon resetting" and +2 max mana. (1 experienced case of the same dialogue without any bonus afterwards)
          • "I can't make the sacrifice like that, forget it. -> Partially heals you (19-x life)
        • "And why should I care?" -> Gold Rune stone
          • "Take the stone out as he said" -> Gold Rune stone.
          • "This stone seems important to you I do not wish for your face to become even more swollen or have you floating helpless in this pot." -> "Tells you a secret about the dungeon" and gives you an equipment (Bug: No item actually given)
        • "Thank you I have some matter more important to deal with." -> Nothing Happens?
      • If you fail to save him you get a Gold Runestone.
  • Escape to the next floor.
    • Nothing Happens

Notes: Sometimes you cannot save him after killing all the monsters (Dex check?), you still get a gold rune stone.

Which hero were you using when you got this quest?

Guy, Hobb, Dellamorey, Lilith, Balerio and Svafa

Which god were you using when you got this quest?

None, Beneficence, Treasure, Vengeance, War and ???