As you open the next room's door, you feel you took the wrong direction. You could feel the rotten smell of corpses all around the room. A huge furnace was carefully placed in the middle of the room. You notice the room is separated into three sections: the first one being naked corpses, the second one being their belongings, and the last one being very odd... all you see are shelves with urns and pots. You notice a troll working on the furnace.

  • Draw his attention ->
    • Give me axeman protection fluid -> "You got the axeman protection fluid, axeman won't attack you positively."
    • Give me ogre protection fluid -> "You got the ogre protection fluid, ogres won't attack you positively."
    • I am not interested in your boring experiment (Decline)
    • Give me some rune sorcerer protection fluid now -> "You got the rune sorcerer protection fluid, rune sorcerer won't attack you now"*
  • "Steal one item from the belongings and leave" -> Get random equipment.
  • "Leave." -> Nothing happens

Note: Neither of these potions seem to actually protect you, but it seems that at least ogre protection fluid makes ranged ogres do not attack you at range (rest of the potions may work the same).

* (Got this with Hogg 202 luck, god of contract)

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