You notice decapitated head on pikes in front of the entrance... you have a bad feeling about this. As you enter the floor, you see a bunch of creatures and goblins feasting and drinking together, you seem to have found a monster's inn! As soon as they notice your presence, the room becomes quiet in an instant, and all eyes are on you. What will you do?

  • "None of you will get out alive!" (You must fight with the creatures)"
    • This gives you the task of killing all of the monsters on this floor. If you succeed, you will get some coins as a reward. If you leave the floor without killing everything, a monster will stab you in the back on your way out, seriously injuring you.
  • "I'm only a passing by!"
    • This causes the orcs to laugh at your cowardice. You immediately leave for the next floor in disgrace.
  • (With 4 or more Intelligence) "Drink with them until they pass out."
    • If you have at least 3 stamina, you will drink until everyone else falls asleep. (Uncertain what effect this has).
      • You sure are an experienced drinker. you were the only one standing when after it was over.
    • If you have less than 3 stamina, you will fall asleep too but wake up before everyone else. You lose 10 life and all monsters have the "drunk" effect. (Uncertain what effect this has)

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