"Wait! Don't kill me!" begs this ogre. "I'm the Ogre King, don't kill me, I have many rare treasures for you to choose from, please spare me." You notice there is a huge golden key around his neck, he is probably telling the truth. What will you do?

[Needs more info]

  • "No mercy for the weak." (Kill him) -> -10 max HP or (Dexterity 5+) Lose 5 life.
  • Demand his most valuable treasure.
    • Offers you a Yellow Potion.
      • Drink it. -> (Stamina 5+) Strength +2 or Max Mana -2, Max Life +5.
      • Not to drink and take him out. -> Lose 5 Life.
  • Demand something else. -> A decent pile of gold (200+).
  • Demand something he doesn't need. -> You get the Wine Cup (Event Item).

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