"You find a gem-encrusted skull while searching around these rocks. The two striking emeralds on the eyes are decorated with golden trim. Based on your knowledge, you believe it is a lich. But why would a lich be here? While you're contemplating the skull, the emeralds begin to emit red beams all around you. A hollow voice jumps out of the skull. You are imprisoned before you have time to react. "Ah, what an ideal specimen. Stranger, I've been waiting for someone in this skull for more than ten thousand years! Now I am going to chop your useless head off and steal your valuable body."

  • "Stop! This body is worthless without its head!"
    • "Wait! I could help you find your Phylactery!"
      • "I swear to you" -> Cursed by Lich -> -10 Max Soul
      • "I can't give you the guarantee" -> Instant Death
      • "I'm sure you have some sort of safety mechanism set it place on your reliquary.  I would be an idiot to try and destroy it." -> Max Mana +1
    • "Wait and see how it goes." -> Instant Death
  • "Could you at least tell me why you are desperately trying to find a body? Maybe I can help you!" -> Cursed by Lich -> -10 Max Soul
  • (Having The Lich Box event Item) Is this the phylactery you mentioned?
    • Lich leaves you and Replenish your full HP.

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