"This is a beautiful little urn, there is no doubt..."

  • Try to take the gems out ->(intellect/dexterity check?) Cursed -10 max Soul or give silver gem (one experienced case of a gold amount)
  • Destroy the urn -> You lose all your souls, Life -10
  • (Sometimes does not appear, Int check? (5+?) or "Learn about Lich event") Judging from the decorations this is no ordinary box. Take it.
    • Max Soul +10 and this Event Item can be used when facing The Lich Skull.
  • "This might be the phylactery that belongs to the Lich..." -> (may be alternative to previous option, if dont fit the check)
    • Destroy it -> Instant death
    • Inspect the phylactery ->
      • Start from the emblem -> Int +1
      • Start from the runes -> - 5 Max Life
      • Open the phylactery -> Souls resplendished
    • Put the curse pattern on the Lich's emblem ->
      • + 10 Max Soul (curse from earlier Lich event taken away)
      • (sometimes) The curse reacted with the reliquary and it disappears with the curse still on you (Nothing Happens)
  • Leave it alone, it might be dangerous. -> Nothing happens.


Notes: This is the Lich's Phylactery related to The Lich Skull event.

Which hero were you using when you got this quest?

Guy, Hobb, Merlyn, Svafa, Dellamorey, Morte, Lilith, Balerio

Which god were you using when you got this quest?

None, Beneficence, Rock, Vengeance, War, Contract and Treasure