"One of the tiles you were walking on was different from the others. You notice a very interesting pattern on it, astonishingly attractive. How can this dungeon have such an elaborated pattern on its floor? After wiping the dust off carefully, you can distinguish a female warrior stabbing a soldier with a pike. It's a rare craft, definitely, neither dwarf's art nor human's. The magic you sensed from it was familiar, as if it has something to do with you. What will you do?"

  • Do nothing. -> Nothing happens.
  • Cast a random spell towards the tile. "You can feel the tile reacting to your spell. Unknown memories start rushing through your brain. You try to restrain the energy dominating your mind, but the harder you try to control, the stronger the magic gets. After several attemps, you pass out. After waking up, you don't remember anything, as if nothing ever happened."
    • Has one of the following random effects: (Having an open skill slot does not guarantee a skill)
      • Gain a random skill.
      • Intelligence -1. (Int 5+?)
      •  ???


Which hero were you using when you got this quest?

Svafa only?

Which god were you using when you got this quest?

Beneficence, Magic, Vengeance and NONE

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