You see a man wearing an apron in the corner... he looked like a chef! The stains of blood on it have been there for so long they turned black. You can tell this man has been here for a while, you wonder how he survived within these walls. You can see meat on his table, and the corpse of a small creature beside it. You also notice something that resembles a furnace, with something you can't really distinguish roasting in it. He feels your presence and asks you: "What do you want to eat, I have dwarf's liver, ogre's chops, or rat skewer, and if you want something to drink, I have "Super Snot Shot", "Worm Beetlejuice", and "Peppery Cinder", trust me you'll love it!"

  • Refuse -> Nothing happens.
  • Agree -> Kill all monsters.
    • Roasted troll kidney -> 10 Life replenished, Resistance +1.
    • Barbecue crow skewer -> 15 Souls replenished, Dexterity +1.
    • Cursed toad soup -> 5 Mana replenished, Intelligence +1.
    • Bloody worm sashimi -> +3 Strength.

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