"You found a broken statue. Judging from the remains, it was an old statue of a god, holding something tightly in his hand."

  • Worship the statue.
    • You got the blessing of the god and a tattoo.
    • If you already have a tattoo, nothing happens.
    • Even if you don't have a tattoo, you can get "nothing happens".
  • Dig out the stuff in the statue's hand.
    • You got a golden runestone.
  • Leave the statue behind.


Which hero were you using when you got this quest?

  • Using Guy, I got the blessing and a tattoo (my 3rd; I already had 2) with the God of Rock.

Alexander, Hogg and Svala ???

Which god were you using when you got this quest?

Rock and ???

-The second option "Dig out the stuff in the statue's hand" is probably a stat check, as it didn't appear as an option when found with Hogg early in the dungeon.

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