Roughly speaking, shops are places where heroes exchange their possessions for something else. Typically, they can be found on dungeon levels; in addition, when the player clears a level, they can choose from "3 clearance bonuses", and shops can also show up as a bonus (though they won't be accessible after the player close the purchase window). In Hero's Town, there is also an Item shop that can be unlocked for (???) gold.

List of shopEdit

  • Equipment Shop: Sells equipment. Unneeded equipments can be sold here.
  • Item Shop: Sells items. Unneeded equipments can be sold here.
  • Tattoo Shop: Player can exchange runestones for tattoos, if they are worshipping a God.
  • Skill Shop: Player can pay gold to learn skills.
  • Forge:
    • Exchange 3 Bronze runestones for 1 Silver runestone (100 gold)
    • Exchange 3 Silver runestones for 1 Gold runestone (200 gold)

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