Different body parts can be found in this room, but it seems they haven't been entirely separated from the torso. You feel the pulse, the muscles, the nerves and the skin are still intact. The only problem is the pool of blood left in the middle of the room. Crows are also numerous in these parts of teh dungeon, you raise your head and realize all of them are eating the rotten skin. They don't seem to care about your presence.

You sudeenly hear a voice rushing through your head: "You are seeking freedom. You want to free yourself for this dungeon and have a peaceful life." You suddenly have a thought, within these walls, you can't be destroyed, but you can't be free, is this your fate?

  • "I control my own fate. I shall break free of this place, nothing will stop me." -> You get Eye of Death (event item)
  • Keep silent.

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