Items are single-use pickups that have uses varying from providing the hero with a temporary buff to instant-killing a monster. They can be found on dungeon floor or bought from Item Shop. Most items requires a certain amount of soul point to use. The hero can carry up to 3 items. Using an item does not consume a turn.

List of ItemsEdit

Note: Correct names needed.

Name Cost (Gold) Soul points Details
Balanced Rock 15

Effect: Increases accuracy of next attack. (Hit is guaranteed)

Note: does not apply to offhand weapons.

Whetstone 20 15

Effect: The next attack is guaranteed to crit and hit 2.

Note: does not apply to offhand weapons.

Hammer 15 Effect: Stuns the monster for 3 turns
Ankh (Cross) 15 20

Effect: During the next 3 turns, hero's life point cannot be reduced to less than 1

Note: Effect can cross over into new dungeon, using the exit does not count as one of the 3 turns.

Compass 10

Neutralize an undetected trap.

Note: Even if the player accidentally clicks on the trap afterwards, it won't activate.

Note: The trap tile will be uncovered in the process, granting access to the four adjacent tiles, usually opening up new movement options.

Drill 40

Skip to the next dungeon level

Soul Fire 0 Instantly kills targeted monster. Character receives no experience, but soul points is restored by 10.
Holy Water 40 Cures and immunizes the character against Poison, Cursed and Erosion debuffs for the current dungeon level.
Withered Hand 29 25

Petrifies a monster and unlocks the tiles surrounding it.

Note: The monster is considered alive and cannot be killed.

Siren's Horn 30

Put all revealed monsters to sleep and unlock their surrounding tiles. Monsters awake when damaged, otherwise they keep sleeping.

Ice 30 Freeze all revealed monsters for 3 turns.
Sword of Fire 100 80 Instantly kills targeted monster.
Dungeon Blueprint 20 20 Shows the exit tile.
Hourglass 60 30 Swap the percentage of life points with a monster (i.e Hero has 1% life point, the monster has 100%. After using the item, hero is fully healed and the monster's health is reduced to 1%).
Skull Totem 30 Detects all traps in the current dungeon level.
Eyestalk Totem 30 Detects all monsters in the current dungeon level.
Cube of Teleport 25

Transfer targeted monster to a (randomly chosen) revealed tile.

Note: You may use this to get ranged monsters into melee range.

Space Allocation 25 All revealed creatures are teleported to random locations.
Helmet of Fear 30 Reduces life points of revealed monters by 50%.
Injection 10 Restores 10 life and 1 mana.
Throwing Knife 10 Instantly kills a revealed ranged attack monster.
Fate coin 10 0 50% chance to be instantly killed, 50% chance to be fully healed.
Vicious Cauldron 21 Reduce a monster's attack to its minimum (reduces atk to 1).
Metal Potion 20 Turns your armor points to HP.
Missing Skull 1 80 30 Reduces attack of revealed monters by 50%.
Blood Mask 1 75 25 Eliminates a random injured monster.
Magic Worm? 1 30 Uses up all your mana and restores x10 HP
Pocket Watch 1 25 Kills an elite monster.
Devouring Chest 1 150 35 Turns a monster into gold equal to its HP
Golden Heart 1 50 10 Turns all hearts in gold equivalent to x5 restored HP.
White Mask 1 80 55 Dissables all monster skills.
Black Flame Knife 1 10 15 Dissables a monster skills.
Medusa Skull 1 75 35 Petrifies all visible monsters.
Unstable Crystal 1 50 25 Provides mana after killing all monsters.
Crystal Plan 1 90 45 Kills all monsters carrying mana.
Bomb 1 110 25 Deals damage equal to all monsters attack.
Master Key 1 15 Shows the key holder location.
Black Dice 1 50 15 Gives you a random item.
Torch 1 20 15 Place on a revealed tile to unlock the surrounding 3x3.


  • If the hero's item slots are full and they pick up another item, the item at the lower most slot will be swap out and the newly picked up item will appear on top most slot.
  • 1 - Names and descriptions translated from other languages, may differ from english original. Also some info may be missing as it originally is omitted in translation.
  • 2 - Either wrong or outdated, only ensures critical, but can miss the hit.