Description Edit

God of rock

God of Rock, the most honorable of all the gods.

  • Worship bonus: Initial life +10, max life +1 upon picking up a heart of life.
  • Debuff: None
  • Sacrifice at the hall: -2 Stamina (don't mind what the game says, it's old)
  • Cost money: 10% of current gold (minimum is 10 gold).
  • Punishment for Betrayal: Damage taken + 51

Tattoos Edit

  • Tattoo 1: Elemental Resistance + 15%. Rune: Copper #3
  • Tattoo 2: Max life +20%. Rune: Copper #1, Silver #1
  • Tattoo 3: Guaranteed critical hit to enemies with life less than 30%. Rune: Gold #3

1 - seems to be false or outdated. Haven't encountered this every time I've betrayed God of Rock. - DerSinharter confirmed this on October 19th of 2017

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