Tile event

As you explore the dungeon, you will randomly discover Events, marked with "?" tiles. These events have a broad range of helpful or harmful effects (sometimes both). The events' outcomes depend on the player's choice, the character's basic attributes and sometimes their choices during a previous event (i.e., whether or not they acquired an event item from a previous encounter). Event tiles cannot be seen in advance and cannot be skipped once triggered.

Alchemy Book Edit

"After killing this monster, you notice the trail of blood..."

Alchemy Laboratory Edit

"Following the strong smell of sulfur, you find an alchemy lab....."

Beautiful Goddess Edit

"You take a nap beside the campfire and dream of a beautiful goddess..."

Betrayal Edit

"Why do you betray the god you once followed?"

A Bloody Dwarf Edit

"A bloody dwarf cowers in the corner, who is obviously not one of your victims..."

A Body Edit

"When you find this body for the third time you understand all the causes and effects..."

The Broken Statue Edit

"You found a broken statue. Judging from the remains, it was an old statue of a god, holding something tightly in his hand."

The Chef Edit

"You see a man wearing an apron in the corner..."

The Crow Edit

"Different body parts are hooked..."

A Corpse Edit

"A corpse or so you thought..."

Divination Stone Edit

"You sense something is wrong, you were used to feeling magic outside these walls..."

Dragon Altar Edit

"In front of you stands a gigantic skeleton protecting an altar..."

Dwarf Digging A Pit Edit

"While looting a creature's body..."

Elf and Fish Edit

"Someone was curling up in the corner, howling in sorrow..."

The Exquisite Tile Edit

"One of the tiles you were walking on was different from others..."

Female Ogre Edit

"You see a female ogre sitting..."

Female Dwarf Edit

"Intense fighting noises are coming out from somewhere in the mist..."

Head in a Jar Edit

"As you enter the room..."

Iron Dwarf Edit

"You can hear someone forging steel near you..."

The Dwarf Edit

"You find a dwarf lying on the floor covered in blood..."

The Lich Urn Edit

"This is a beautiful little urn, there is no doubt..."

The Lich Book Edit

"This room is filled with the breath of undead..."

The Lich Skull Edit

"You find a gem-encrusted skull..."

Mad God Edit

"Kill them, kill them! Kill them all!"

Magic addict / Elf with Magic Fish - 2 Part Event Edit

"An elf is lying down on the floor with some sort of quilt..." (part 1)

"There cowers an unknown creature in the corner..." (part 2)

The Mummy-like man Edit

"You see a man lying on the ground, you approach him but he suddenly stands up, he looked like a mummy..."

Mysterious Force Edit

"You feel weaker as you get deeper into the dungeon..."

Mysterious Scroll Edit

"You feel something in your body again, something different..."

The Ogre King Edit

"Wait a second. Spare my worthless life, please..."

The Orc Bar Edit

"You notice decapitated head on pikes in front of the entrance..."

The Pinned Man Edit

"A man is pinned to the stone collumn. Average sized, his arms and legs are fixed by huge iron..."

Rotten Corpse Edit

"Different body parts can be found in this room, but it seems they haven't been entirely separated from the torso..."

Sacrifice Edit

"You keep slaying creatures over and over..."

Savior's Brotherhood Edit

"The creatures in the room grow afraid of you..."

Sealed Door Edit

"You gaze at the final gate..."

Sorcerer's Laboratory Edit

"You notice many experiments are being conducted in this dungeon..."

Sneaky Goblin Edit

"Pss, pss! Hey, you! Yes, you! Come over here!.."

Small Goblin Edit

"Be quick. Give me all your gold!" 

A Soul Edit

"After placing so many souls in my care, have you ever considered their destination?"

Three Holes Edit

"There were three huge man-made holes..."

The Troll Edit

"As you open the next room's door, you feel you took..."

The Wolf Edit

"The blood on this floor indicates that a massacre probably took place here..."

The Seal Edit

"You started reminiscing once seeing the door right in front of you..."

The End of Your Journey

"Your heart is pounding as you are approaching to the end of your journey..."

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