A man is pinned to the stone collumn. Average sized, his arms and legs are fixed by huge iron nails and chains. You are very curious as to how he managed to survive like this in the dungeon. He has countless wounds in his body. Some are burns, some are from bruises, others from animals claws. You are not able to identify the majority of causes. He seems to be on his last gasp. "Kill me please". He passes out after speaking three words.

  • Finish him.
    • You stab him and magically trade places with him
      • How can you treat me this way?
        • He feels bad and lets you go -> You get Guard's Chains (Event Item, if you have this item Joe the Dragon will not appear in the boss fight)
      • Curse him and try to get off the chains. - > bla bla - 15 life
  • Refuse.
    • "You are bound to die!" The man on the column turned into a half dragon monster and teared the column into pieces. The floor starts to collapse and just in time you jumped into the door to the next dungeon.
      • You made it to the next dungeon.
  • Leave him.