You notice many experiments are being conducted in this dungeon. Many cages around you are filled with skeletons of dead creatures, others are just filled with ashes, the kind of ashes that comes from scorching flames. Judging from experience, you know this is no ordinary alchemy lab... it's a sorcerer's lab! What could the experiments be? You inspect the cells around you and find six cells different from the others, each of them linked to a colored handprint. You can only put your hand on one handprint, which one will you choose?

(I'm not sure these are in the correct order -- if you find one out of place please put it under the correct color =)
  • Leave this place.
    • Nothing happens.
  • Put your hand on the red handprint.
    • Strength -1, Dexterity +1
  • Put your hand on the purple handprint.
    • Max Mana -1, Max Health +10, Life fully replenished
  • Put your hand on the blue handprint.
    • Max Mana +1, Strength -1, Max Soul -10
  • Put your hand on the orange handprint.
    • Has an equal random chance of any of the following outcomes:
      • All four attributes +1
      • All four attributes -1
      • Strength +1
      • Intelligence +1
      • Dexterity +1
      • Stamina +1
      • Max Mana -1
      • Max Soul -5
      • Max Life -5
      • Luck -20
  • Put your hand on the black handprint.
    • Max life -10, Strength +1, Intelligence +1
  • Put your hand on the yellow handprint.
    • Intelligence -1, Max Soul +10


Which hero were you using when you got this quest?

Guy, Hobb and Svafa

Which god were you using when you got this quest?

Beneficence, Rock, Vengeance, War, Magic, Devastation and ???

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