Someone was curling up in the corner, howling in sorrow. Judging by the ears, you would say he probably is some kind of elf, but his body was more the size of a goblin. He's holding his chest with both hands, he's talking to himself, but you can't hear what he's saying. You realized he's holding a fish, he's talking to the fish! "Do you want to feed him? I know you must have some food in your pocket" the creature says while staring at you

  • (Int 4) - "I don't trust goblins, sorry." (Decline) -> Gain Fish (Event Item) and +3 mana
    • Grab the fish -> Lose mana and gold, gain Max Mana
    • Do nothing
  • "What does it eat?" -> ???
    • Cast a spell -> INT check : if 6? or above, lose 4 mana, gain 1 max mana, if under 5, lose all mana and some gold
    • Cast a spell (Guy) - lose all mana and all gold, no benefit
    • Be careful and cast a harmless spell -> nothing happens
  • Ignore him and leave

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