After killing this monster, you notice the trail of blood is leading you to a secret place. You discover a hidden library with only one book. You blow the dust off the book's cover, the following words are on the cover: "To my beloved M: Never regret the choices you make". You see the book is divided in five different chapters, each of which offers guidance on different aspect of alchemy. You only have time to read one chapter, which one will you choose?

  • Read the Spirit Chapter -> You get the Spirit Page Page (Event Item).
  • Read the Metal Alchemy Chapter -> You get the Metal Alchemy Page (Event Item).
  • Read the Potion Refining Chapter -> You get the Potion Page (Event Item).
  • Read the Scroll Making Chapter -> You get Scroll Pages (Event Item)/You get nothing.
  • Read the Runestone Chapter -> You get the Runestone Page (Event Item)/You get nothing.
  • Ignore the book -> Nothing Happens.

Related Event: Alchemy Laboratory Connected to: Experimental Room(empty page)

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