Event for Goddess of Benevolence

"After placing so many souls in my care, have you ever considered their destination?"

  • "I have never given a man what is mine. It would be wise to return what you stole from me."
    • They don't do talking (Sometimes an option) -> Get Max Soul +10 and "Soul Envoy Tattoo" (Supposed to give next tattoo, but never seems to work. May require the correct runes to function?)
    • I have no interest in what they discuss. Return to me what I gave you. -> Betrayed, lose Goddess and all souls.
  • "It matters not where they go. I would follow." -> Soul's Blessing Strength +1, Health +5 (might have no effect on Svafa)
  • "Am I to be judged?" -> Calls you a betrayer, Fill Soul to max.

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